Our Vision

Today there are hundreds of different applications and systems presented on the fintech market.

On the other side, financial organizations have their own applications which usually have limited functionality and cover only a fraction of what today tech-savvy user needs. This partly happens because financial services companies do not see such applications as an advanced financial management tool.

Studies show that 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and only 25% have a personal financial plan. At the same time, most of them believe they do not have enough savings to begin managing personal finances.

Here in Softarex, we’ve decided to change this situation and thus, the FINMATEX platform was launched. FINMATEX offers financial companies a customizable mobile application with a wide range of AI-based features for banking, financial advising and investment management. Our goal is to provide financial organizations with a platform that covers users’ needs in financial management.

Our Mission

Is to introduce financial organizations to the FINMATEX platform, which is capable to fully achieve the vision:

  • Provide financial organizations with the fintech intelligence platform that enables building and managing own-branded mobile applications charged by broad spectrum of finance-related features
  • Make personal financial plan and financial advice accessible to everyone
  • Give more value for customers with less expenses on the Financial Organizations part
  • In the world 4+ bln of customers use different financial services. All of them require an easier and faster way to get financial services with extended abilities.

People & Culture

Softarex Technologies, Inc. has 20 years of great experience, dozens of completed projects, and lots of new and fresh ideas for the finance sphere.

From these ideas and a will to reshape the financial world for the better, we’ve formed a team of experts and created the product we named FINMATEX.

This team is a great mix of inspired, ambitious and highly skilled experts in Finances, Operations, DevOps, Analytics, Engineering, Data Science, Statistics, Compliance, and Security.

Thanks to such a professional team, we can clearly and deeply understand the exact needs of financial organizations, customizing our solution to meet these very needs.

Highest Tech Standards

We develop new software only according to world compliance & security standards, so your data and its quality are totally safe with us. We use nothing but proven AI-based algorithms and technologies, high-end Data Science technology and NLP.

our team

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