Platform Insides

FINMATEX Platform provides multiple configurable functional modules such as an AI-based Investments and Personal Finances management with AI-based client support.

As a part of the platform, Financial Organizations can build their marketplaces backed by ChatBot assistants or create robo-advisors for assets management. ChatBot designer is a part of platform and can be used for building chatbots for mobile applications. These are easily managed due to ready-to-use Products Templates and chatbot designer which opens wide abilities for customizing products, its ordering automation and customer support.

This is the out of the box solution – it quickly and smoothly integrates into an existing environment of Financial Organizations.

Necessary integration can be done by FINMATEX Team within of Starter Plan used for enabling of FINMATEX Platform. FINMATEX Platform can be customized by separate agreement with Financial organization.

Custom branded Mobile App for Your Clients managed via Platform

  • Marketplace with your
  • Personal finances
  • Saving and banking
  • Investments management
  • AI investments strategies
  • AI managed advisers
  • AI in Personal finance
  • and more…

Administrative Web App for Your Organisation

  • Mobile app configurations and branding
  • Financial products management to present in the mobile
  • Chatbots designer to automate communication with your clients in the mobile app
  • AI strategies based on deep Machine Learning
  • and much more…

Mobile App for Your Clients

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • AI Features

FINMATEX provides you a fully customizable mobile app with your financial products. You can tailor the app exactly for the needs of your organization and your clients’ needs.

The app is very flexible and can be easily fine-tuned according to your client’s needs, providing them the best-in-class financial solutions with a user-friendly interface.

White labeled, deployed into your App Store and Play Market
All necessary banking features for personal finance management
AI-based chatbots with financial marketplace
Financial organizations can configure necessary modules for their mobile applications

Grant your clients user-friendly access to the management of their budgets, finances, accounts, and more via your branded mobile app.

  • Personal Finances management
  • Creating financial goals and monitoring
  • Accounts and Transactions info
  • Transactions and transfers Categorizer
  • Manual changing and split categories
  • Conducting of ACH, Wire and P2P transfers
  • View Spending/Income and creation of a budget
  • Consulting and selection of bank products
  • Consulting about financial terms and products
  • Expenses, budget monitoring, savings tips, and reporting
  • Ordering new products and services
  • ATM/Branches location
  • Information about loyalty points

Deliver your users comprehensive data about a financial stock market, traders statistics, equity history, and investment and trading strategies based on the FINMATEX AI.

  • Financial stock market data
  • Accounts and trading info
  • Positions, Portfolio and Equity history
  • Retirement benefits and goal calculator
  • Bank module and bank transaction
  • Periodical financial and investment report
  • Management of AI strategies
  • Personal financial plan and investment profile
  • Control and re-balanсing portfolio
  • Chart, Watchlist, Orders, News
  • Сonsulting and selection of investment products
  • Ordering investment product and services

All your apps are automatically powered with FINMATEX AI, which learns from your clients’ behavior and provides them the tailored advice and help.

  • AI in Personal Finance:
  • Expenses and income analysis
  • Client’s financial health analysis
  • Savings recommendations
  • Creation of a personal financial plan
  • AI in Investment:
  • Creation of a customer investment profile
  • Creation of a portfolio structure
  • Supervision for portfolio ratios and rebalancing
  • Deep machine learning for investments strategies suggestion


  • AI in Consulting:
  • Consultation about financial products and services
  • Selection of the most matching products and services
  • Tips for products and services use

Administrative Web Portal Features

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • AI Features

Every Financial Organization is passionate to provide the highest standard of reliable service, uniquely tailored to suit the individual needs of their client. Using these Finmatex features, Financial Organizations can promote sustainability within their communities flexibly.

Configure your mobile app modules
Set branding for your mobile app
Set info about your company
Manage your clients and employees
Integration with Plaid, Yodlee and other providers

These platform’s functionalities designed especially for Banks, Brick&Mortar, Online Banks, Credit Unions, and Neobanks. Using these features, organizations may definitely improve clients’ support, products and services management, provide more additional services to clients, decrease costs for support and sales.

  • Create Banking products with templates or from scratch
  • Promote Banking products to your clients in the mobile app AI-based marketplace
  • Processing of client’s ordered products and services
  • Create custom AI chatbots for your mobile app
  • ATM/Branches locations management

With these features Investment Companies, Investment Funds, Investment advisers, Wealth management companies, and Cryptocurrency funds can easily become closer to their clients: understand their spending intentions and pick the best investment plan from own portfolio.

  • Create Investment products with templates or from scratch
  • Promote Investment products to your clients in the mobile app marketplace
  • Promote Banking products to your clients in the mobile app AI-based marketplace
  • Processing of client’s ordered products and services
  • Create custom AI chatbots for your mobile app
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio management

Platform’s unique AI is enhanced with a powerful expert base, constantly learns from your clients’ behavior, creates tailored advice, strategies and much more.

  • Option strategies, Arbitrage strategies, Structured products
  • Creating and testing of algorithmic trading strategies
  • Creating AI strategies based on deep machine learning
  • Investments Robots control
  • Robo advising
  • Creation of an investment client profile

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