Banking Features

Banking Features

You can manage your budgets, finances, bank accounts, and transactions
as well as ordering new products and services online.

The app helps you to set your financial goals, track progress and gives
you savings tips based on your spendings, and a lot more.

  • Personal Finances management
  • Creating financial goals and monitoring
  • Accounts and Transactions info
  • Transactions and transfers Categorizer
  • Manual changing and split categories
  • Conducting of ACH, Wire and P2P transfers
  • View Spending/Income and creation of budget
  • Consalting and selection bank products
  • Consulting about financial terms and products
  • Expenses, budget monitoring, savings tips and reporting
  • Ordering new products and services
  • ATM/Branches location
  • Information about loyalty points

Investment Features

Investment Features

The app grants users a comprehensive data about the financial stock
market, traders statistics, equity history and more. Users also can receive
investment and trading strategies based on the platform’s AI.

  • Financial stock market data
  • Accounts and trading info
  • Positions, Portfolio and Equity history
  • Trader statistics
  • Retirement benefits and goal calculator
  • Bank module and bank transaction
  • Peoredical financial and investment report
  • Personal financial plan and investment profile
  • Control and re-balanсing portfolio
  • Chart, Watchlist, Orders, News
  • Сonsulting and selection of investment
  • Ordering investment product and services
  • Platform for creating investment AI and trading strategies
  • Management of AI strategies

AI-Based Features

AI-Based Features

FINMATEX is powered with its own AI, which constantly learns from your
financial behavior and provides you the most personalized and eligible

  • AI in Personal Finance:
  • Expenses and income analysis
  • Client’s financial health analysis
  • Savings recommendations
  • Creation of a personal financial plan
  • AI in Investment:
  • Creation of a customer investment profile
  • Creation of a portfolio structure
  • Supervision for portfolio ratios and rebalancing
  • Search for information on the internet
  • Deep machine learning for investments strategies suggestion
  • AI in Consulting:
  • Consultation about financial products and services
  • Selection of the most matching products and services
  • Tips for products and services use

Let's AI Help You Manage Personal Finances!



  • Connect one banking and ane investment accounts
  • Transactions Categorizer
  • Modify and split categories
  • View Spending/Income
  • Create budgets
  • Find financial products
  • Consulting about financial terms
  • Loyalty points info
  • Monthly Spending reports
  • Positions, Portfolio



  • All from Starter, plus:
  • Connect unlimited banking and investment accounts
  • Create financial goals
  • Retirement benefits and goal calculator
  • Weekly spending and budget reports
  • Conducting of ACH and P2P transfers
  • Pay Bills



  • All from Starter and Medium, plus:
  • Create personal financial plans
  • Deep spending and income analysis
  • Assets and credit analysis
  • Savings recommendations
  • Create long term financial goals, testing and stress testing, structure of portfolio

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Enable in minutes for your organization tools for clients satisfaction growing and products ordering based on AI. Promote your products and services in the FINMATEX mobile app to your clients, using it as a powerful tool for growing clients satisfaction and reducing time for products and services ordering based on AI.

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